A cricketer of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s status naturally has a lot fans all across India. The excitement around the former India captain gets all-the-more magnified, whenever he comes to his hometown Ranchi.

At the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, a fan greet Dhoni, blocking his Hummer, as the 35-year-old was making his way from the airport to his home.She managed to come in the way of Dhoni’s car but the Airport authorities quickly came into the act and removed the girl to clear the ex-India captain’s way.

This particular fan, who was on the same flight as the team, had spotted Dhoni, and tailed him all the way outside the airport, where she blocked the path of the ex-India skipper’s hummer, in the hope of clicking a selfie or at least get an autograph from the cricketer.

In the short wrangle that broke out outside the airport, the fan’s handbag fell to the ground, as Dhoni’s Hummer reportedly ran over it.

Dhoni, who was in Kolkata to play a Vijay Hazare Trophy match for Jharkhand, returned to Ranchi with the Jharkhand team by flight on Tuesday.

This is not the first time Dhoni got an idea of his insane fan following. Earlier this year a fan of his followed the Hummer from the airport to his home in the intention of clicking a selfie with the superstar. She got lucky as Dhoni posed with her for the much-desired selfie.