In a shocking discovery, Indian police said Monday they had found as many as 19 aborted female foetuses dumped near a stream at a village in western Maharashtra’s Sangli district, highlighting the country’s problem of female feticide.

The incident came to light, when the police were investigating a case related to a death of 26-year-old pregnant woman (Swati Jamdade) during her abortion at the private clinic, named “Bharati Hospital”, is run by one Dr. Babasaheb Khidrapure. The 26-year-old woman had died after an illegal abortion went awry on March 3, discovered the abandoned foetuses wrapped in a blue plastic bags buried in the gutter a few yards away from a private hospital at Mhaisal village, 260 km from here, on Sunday.

“So far we have found the remains of 19 female foetuses. These foetuses are aborted and buried with an intention of disposing them off, some foetuses were found in a decomposed state, while bones and flesh in some plastic bag.” Sangli Superintendent of Police Dattatray Shinde said.

Police superintendent said the death of a pregnant woman blew the lid off the “racket”. The racket was busted after Sunil Jadhav (the pregnant woman’s father) approached the police to register a complaint against the clinic’s doctor, Dr. Khidrapure and his son-in-law after his daughter death on February 28.

“As the villagers suspected a foul play in the woman’s death, they approached police, following which the racket was busted,” Shinde said. According to Maharashtra Times, accused Dr. Khidrapure holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homoeopathy and he had been allegedly aborting female foetuses for the last 10 years.

Victim’s husband Praveen Jamdade had taken his wife to the private clinic a few days back for abortion as she was carrying a girl child for the third time.

“The deceased woman’s father Sunil Jadhav told police that Jamdade had called him and expressed his willingness to abort the female foetus. Despite Jadhav’s objection, Jamdade went ahead with abortion, in which the woman died,” said Shinde.

Prenatal sex diagnosis is illegal in India, a policy designed to stop unborn girls being aborted by parents desperate for a boy. But particularly in poor rural areas, sex determination tests are still thought to be common and sex ratios are skewed toward males across the country (India).

The Maharashtra government has sought help from neighbouring Karnataka state government. It said that there was need for joint efforts to prevent women being taken to border towns for female foeticide.

The Maharashtra government suspects that it is part of a cross-border abortion racket is in operation after 19 aborted female foetuses were found in the sewer. “Maharashtra government will take up the issue of female foeticide with Karnataka to prevent such cases, especially after the Sangli incident,” Maharashtra Health Minister Deepak Sawant told PTI.

According to a 2011 study by the British medical journal, that in India up to 12 million girls had been aborted in the last three decades. India had 940 females for every 1,000 males, according to the last official census published in 2011, up from 933 in 2001.



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