No one is born with Perfection. Everyone has some Flaws. Sometimes these flaws are visible while sometimes not. These are a part of everybody’s personality and have to accept it no matter what.
If you’re are having a flaw and is visible, then you have to be prepared to hear a lot from people targeting you about your flaw. The same has happened with the celebrities too. Yes, Celebrities too are human and it’s normal to have the flaw. So, why not today let’s know about the famous celebrities who have unknown flaws.

So, scroll down to see 7 famous Hollywood celebrities with special physical flaws:

1. Meghan Fox

Fox is brachydactylic. The lovely actress’s thumb is short and the nail of the thumb is much wider than it should be.

2. Karolina Kurkova

She has blessed with damn good curves and toned body with no BELLY BUTTON. Yes, this is truth Kurkova doesn’t have the navel.

3. Carrie Underwood

Though Carrie has removed her flaw when she revealed about having three instead of two nipples during her journey in American Idol, she surprised everyone.

4. Kate Bosworth

Bosworth is suffering from Heterochromia which has given a different color to both her eyes i.e., blue and other is partially brown.

5. Venessa Paradis

Paradis even getting asked many times to get rid of her front teeth that has a large gap between the two, never had.

6. Halle Berry

Berry has 6 toes on her right foot, also is a huge fan of open-toe shoes as never hesitate to flaunt it.

7. Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor was suffered from a rare genetic mutation that made her eyelashes grow in two lines. Her flaw was noticed when a director of her film asked her to shoot the scene without make-up.
These are the Celebrities who instead of having physical flaws made it big in their work field.


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