Travel ban will not be imposed on other countries in the nearer period
Image source: Zee news

White House says there will be no immediate travel ban on new countries

President Trump’s officials have told that there is no barring of travellers from any new country as for now. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said,” As of this moment, there is no immediate desire to add to that.” Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be no addition at all to the travel ban list in future. He said that their focus is now on all other nations and the procedures of vetting that the system has for all these nations. So, he says,”.. Nothing is final until the end of review period.”

President Donald Trump signed an executive order a few days back that restricted the immigration of refugees and travellers from seven countries for different periods of time. Refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen are barred from entering the USA for 120 days. Syrian refugees are restricted for an indefinite period. The order and extreme vetting process saw widespread criticism and protests around the world stating that it is unfair to paint all the people with the same brush.  Tech giants also spoke against the protectionist policy of the President as it also thwarts the progress of the IT sector of USA. The order has now been stayed by a federal court that has demanded an evidence basis on which he has linked terrorism with these countries. The verdict is expected by the weekend.

According to Sean Spicer, the President is doing all that he could do to keep his America safe. He says,” He( President) wants to become ever vigilant to make sure that we don’t ever get lax, that we need to be reminded that groups like ISIS continue to seek to do us harm and that it is his job as commander in chief to do everything he can to get ahead of the curve and keep this country safe.”  

He adds,” If we can’t guarantee those countries have the proper vetting and systems in place when they are outbound of the United States, then we need to do what we can, and he will do what he has to as President, to make sure this country is safe.”