Taylor Swift has arrived with End Game video!

Finally Taylor Swift’s new video has been released for the hit single, End Game. The video was released early on Friday, that is January 12th. Taylor Swift can be seen hinting to a lot of things in this new video and her fans (commonly known as the Swifties) and music lovers would love to spot the ‘easter eggs’!

Most important thing about the ‘End Game’ song is that it also features Ed Sheeran, the ‘Divide’ album’s star singer, along with another artist, Future.

Swift can be seen, in the video, exploring the life in various parts of the world, like Japan, Miami, Florida, Tokyo and London.

The ‘Bad Blood’ singer’s favourite number 13 can be seen on a G5 vehicle’s licensing plate, and also a video game snake, that relates to her ‘snake motif’.

Watch the video for yourself to find out, and drop your reactions in the comments section, below, to tell us if you liked the End Game video or not.


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