Google is releasing Android Nougat developer preview

The long awaited Android Nougat to start rolling out Google announced today. Nougat is 7.1.2 version of Android. The latest Android version was announced last year at Google I/O conference.

The new Android version has some pretty interesting features. With Nougat, you can now watch a movie and reply to a text at the same time with the multi window view. Users can even switch between apps on one window without interrupting the other window.

The multi window feature

Secondly, Nougat has a new Vulkan API which will enhance gaming experience and provide 3-D graphics. The new API will produce sharper quality and make a real difference in gaming. Google has added a new feature to improve Android phone’s battery life. The new “Doze” feature will put the phone in low battery mode while its not in use. Also, The new Android version will bundle all notifications from one app into one so say goodbye to multiple notification!

Now, reply to text straight from the notification bar

Now, with the new Android version users can directly respond to messages from the notification bar without opening the app. Other features included are better security, more control on notification settings and ability to change display size.

The most awaited feature is the Google DayDream

Perhaps the most awaited and most exciting feature of Android Nougat is Day Dream. Day Dream is Google’s Virtual Reality Platform. The Android Nougat phones paired with the headset and the controller will let the user immerse themselves in Virtual Reality. Google has already partnered with companies like HBO, CNN etc for content. Whereas by using Google Street View users can take a tour of a museum, explore other planets. Google has developed VR games as well for users to play.

Users can visit museums using Google DayDream.

The new Android Nougat has some pretty promising features and the Beta comes out soon. For now only Google Pixel owners enrolled in beta program can use the new features. But, Android Nougat is expected to be released later this year to general public.