Apple has always been striving to bring the best of technology to the people. Last year at Apple Conference in 2016 Apple did just that. Apple launched wireless headphones called AirPods. The AirPods are available all over the world and in India cost a 15,000 rupees. They have to be brought independently and are not sold with the Iphone.

The Airpods are wireless headphones developed by Apple
The Airpods are wireless headphones developed by Apple

The AirPods are intelligent wireless headphone with a Apple’s W1 chip inside it. The headphones detect when you put the earphones in your ear and when you remove them. Users can even talk to Siri, the Iphone’s virtual assistant through the AirPods. The AirPods seamlessly connect to a persons other Apple devices. Lastly, Apple claims the battery life lasts 5 hours on a single charge and that the headphones provide unmatched sound quality.

The Apple Airpods are a revolutionary piece of Tech, but has some faults that can be improved in further generations.

Many websites have reviewed the AirPods. The reviews for the revolutionary earphones have been mostly positive. Some people have had the problem of the ear pods falling out of their ears. The fitting of AirPods in anyone’s ear depends on the shape of people’s outer ear. For some people the AirPods fit totally fine while some had keeping the AirPods in the ear.

The AirPods come with a case inside which they can be charged.
The AirPods in the case inside which they can be charged.

Secondly the 15k headphones in terms of sound quality sound just fine they are nothing out of the extraordinary. It does have a problem of reducing the background noises.

Thirdly, the design and the lack of wires will get the wearer some peculiar looks from passerby’s.

Finally, the Apple AirPods are a revolutionary technology but need lots of improvements. The lack of any kind of buttons or gesture control makes changing volume or changing songs difficult as right now users need to rely on Siri to do that. The lack of quality listening experience also makes the earphones undesirable. All in all good piece of tech that requires more work to be successful.

Here is the video by Apple introducing the AirPods: