A bomb exploded on Saturday evening in Balochistan region of Pakistan. At least 40 people were reported dead and a 100 injured at the shrine of Shah Norani in Khuzdar district of Balochistan.

A Sufi ritual known as Dhamaal was being performed within the shrine in the evening when the explosion took place. No extremist group has taken responsibility for the attack as yet.

A senior Edhi Trust official of Khuzdar district shared that around 500 people were present to see the Sufi ritual.

As this shrine is located in the remote hilly region of Balochistan, security service providers faced problems in reaching the blast victims. Failure of electric supply after the blast led to more complications during rescue operations. However, generators were used to power electricity to the shrine, reported Dawn.

Private vehicles were used to shift injured victims to hospitals in Khuzdar and Karachi. Unfortunately, the hospital in Khuzdar is not equipped to handle such an emergency, hence, people were transported to Karachi in 50 ambulances dispatched by the Sindh government.

“People who are critically injured in the blast will be transported to Karachi,” said Balochistan Home Minister Mir Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti.

This is not the first time that Balochistan has been targeted. To name a few, Quetta, Zhob, Kalat, Qilla Abdullah etc. are among the districts in Balochistan region of Pakistan that have been hit in the past.