Delhi University, The name is enough!
From Fresher’s Parties to Annual fests, DU has it all.
Fests season is the time when unions of all the colleges gear up to prove their college’s worth. It comprises of competitions among college societies and star performances.
The plannings, arrangements begins from months and is seen as time when whole University will have a jolly time of parties and competitions.
Celebrity performances are the most happening part of Delhi University fests.
But Something unique happened this year!
Student union members in most girls colleges have taken a conscious call to not invite artists whose songs’ lyrics are derogatory towards women. Artists who ‘objectify women and make sexist comments in their songs’ are not being invited, they say. Students Union of girls colleges like Gargi, Miranda, Jesus and Mary have given strong statements against the rising misogyny in these songs.
The co-ed colleges are still figuring out whom to call for their fests but the women colleges have made the banning loud and clear for all.
This is the most bold and unique move by Delhi University students.
The lyrics of these songs are not only derogatory but also promotes objectification of women at larger level.
The lyrics of such songs are being debated from a very long time but everything seems to go in vain as the industry still follows the norms of objectifying women in the name of entertainment.
This is the first time in the history of Delhi University that such a bold move is taken.
This banning can be seen as a wake up call to all the sexist rappers and song makers.
This move can be seen as a first step towards making universities of India a more women-friendly place.