According to the DHS reports the estimated cost for the wall is 21.6 billion dollars and would take more than 3 years to complete it.  

The cost to build the great wall along the U.S-Mexico border is estimated to reach a whopping 21.6 billion dollars and will take three and a half years to build it. An internal report from the U.S Department of Homeland Security has said it.

The current estimates have escalated well over the previous ones, surprising everyone. All the estimates in the past were way too low than this. President Donald Trump cited it to be around 12 billion dollars in his campaigns and the Republican leaders in Congress estimated it to be around 15 billion dollars.

The natural barriers like mountains, rivers in the region pose the biggest challenge. It is the foremost factor in the steep rise of the costs.

Now that the actual estimates of the construction of the wall along the US-Mexico border are out, the concerns over money have increased. It has left many wondering on who is going to foot the bill. Mexican President has been insistent in his response that he will not contribute to it.

The Southern border stretching 1900 miles along all types of terrains and covers four states: California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas.

The plan is to complete the sealing of the border in three phases of construction, covering 1250 miles by the end of this decade. The first phase is the smallest, covering just 26 miles, the second to cover 151 miles and the third, 1080 miles.  650 miles has already been fenced but doesn’t have the concrete wall, as the President would have it.

The figures are said to be final, though DHS spokespersons have refused to comment on it unless presented to the President.

The funding is believed to come from Congress. Congress delegates are to visit the sites this month to assess funding needs. President also said that the money paid by U.S taxpayers will be reimbursed by Mexico, but Mexico has not complied with it.