Diamonds (Flickr)

With millions of gigabytes of data being produced every day, storage of data has become a concern.  But a potential solution is in sight, according to researchers who say that diamonds can be used to store all the information being created.

A study by scientists at the City University of New York says that a unique feature of diamond could be used to create storage technology.

They claim that diamond-based storage could hold 100 times more information than a DVD.

The tiny imperfections found in almost all diamonds hold the key to the storage solution. Diamonds are made up of carbon but sometimes a nitrogen atom sneaks in causing a kind of space in the molecular structure of the diamond. It is this space which can be used to store vast data.

The space created by the electrons is similar to the binaries of 1s and 0s in digital storage. The researchers used a green laser to add an electron and a red one to remove one.  In diamond storage, unlike binary storage, the electrons can be written in layers, allowing for much higher storage capacities.

The downside of the breakthrough is that it might be a little expensive and the data will be susceptible to sunlight.