US President Donald Trump on Saturday signed an executive action ordering the members of his Cabinet and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to immediately develop a “comprehensive strategy” to defeat the Islamic State terror group (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) in the next 30 days.

“I think it’s going to be very successful,” Trump said. “That’s big stuff.”

On January 28, Saturday afternoon President Trump signed one military directive and two memoranda, including one imposing restrictions on highly profitable lobbying for foreign countries by administration officials. The order on the lobbying ban extends the existing one from two years to five years and puts in place a lifetime ban on ex-officials lobbying for foreign governments.

Other two related to national security council and Homeland Security Council, particularly strengthening efforts to defeat the extremist group, as Trump seeks to intensify the decisive campaign against the dreaded terror group that holds swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria.

The ISIS [Islamic State, formerly ISIL], is not the only threat from radical Islamic ideology that the US faces, but it is among the most aggressive and vicious. By its radical Islamic ideology, ISIS also attempting to create its own state, which it claims as a ‘caliphate’. But there can be no negotiation or accommodation with it.

“For those reasons I am directing my Administration to develop a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS… The Plan shall include… identification of new coalition partners in the fight against ISIS and policies to empower coalition partners to fight ISIS and its affiliates,” Trump said in a memorandum.

The move comes hot on the heels of his order banning travel from seven Islamic countries as well as the order to begin building a Mexican border wall. Photo Courtesy:- (Associated Press)

In a briefing with reporters on Saturday, an administration official said the new US president was serious about delivering on his campaign pledge to tackle “global terrorism” more aggressively. Donald Trump asks made defeating ISIS terror group, which is responsible for the violent murder of American citizens in the Middle East and also for several attacks on American soil including the June 2016 attack in Orlando, Florida, and the December 2015 attack in San Bernardino, California. But he avoided talking about specifics of any plan to combat the radical group.

The terror group has claimed responsibility for the violent murder of American citizens in the Middle East, including the beheading of Steven Sotloff, Peter Abdul-Rahman Kassig and James Foley, as well as the death of Kayla Mueller. On the other side, ISIS is also responsible for the December 2016 attack in Berlin, Germany, the March 2016 attack in Brussels, Belgium, the July 2016 attack in Nice, France and the November 2015 attack in Paris, France, in which many Americans have been Killed and injured, said the executive order.

The executive memorandum orders the intelligence community, the Pentagon and key Cabinet agencies to develop a comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIS and its affiliates. And the plan seeks information operations, digital strategies and public diplomacy to isolate Daesh and its radical Islamist ideology. Identifying new coalition partners in the fight against ISIS, including mechanisms to cut off or seize ISIS group’s funding, such as money laundering, human trafficking, financial transfers and other revenue sources.

Since Trump’s inauguration, U.S. forces have carried out more than 200 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Mr. Trump vowed to defeat ISIS/Daesh during the campaign. He routinely criticized the Obama administration’s tactics against the extremist group.

The news comes on the same day Trump had a phone conversation with Vladimir Putin which reportedly discussed co-operation in Syria. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Earlier in the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump had their first telephone conversation, in which talked about “coordinating efforts” to defeat the Islamic State and other terror groups around the world. US President Donald Trump has called Daesh/ISIS “pure evil” on more than one occasion. “This is evil. This is a level of evil that we haven’t seen.”

“The presidents have spoken in favor of establishing a real coordination between the US and Russian actions in order to defeat ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria,” the Kremlin statement said.

In Trump’s first nine days in office, he has signed a raft of other executive orders, including an immigration ban on refugees entering the US and a temporary ban on allowing individuals from seven Muslim countries, even some legal residents, to enter the US. And the others include: immigration enforcement and multi-pronged orders on border security; two on reviving the Dakota Access pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline.