The bombing in Somalia has left many injured and about 30 have been declared dead. source: The New York Times

On Wednesday, January 25th Somalia’s capital Mogadishu witness a double bombing in Dayah hotel. The government has declared 13 dead and 50 wounded. But BBC has already reported 30 deaths. The first bomb detonated from a truck followed by gun attacks on the guests followed by another bomb setting off in a mini van.

People gather outside the hotel to help people who were affected.

A Somali militant organisation called Al-Shabaab have been terrorising the country for years now. They have claimed the responsibility for this terrorist attack. The government said that the nation is in the process of choosing a new president and few of the newly elected representatives were staying in the Dayah hotel, making it a target for this attack. During the last few years Somalia has changed a great deal. New buildings have come up, shops are selling the latest technology and more eateries have also been introduced. But the past can also be seen with crumbled buildings here and there.

Women related to the victims cry outside the hospital where the victims were taken.
source: The New York Times

The hospital where the victims were taken was filled with blood. People suffered major burns and the scene was said to be gruesome. In a website that is associated with the Al-Shabaab, it is stated that they are responsible for the attack.  Three of the assailants were shot and the fourth one killed himself with a suicide vest. Seven journalists were also among the injured. Al-Shabaab is linked to the Al-Qaeda terror group. Mogadishu witnesses attacks more often than any other capitals. The terror group see the city as vulnerable to these attacks as it has been broken by the civil war after dictator Siad Barre’s removal in 1991.

The first bombing was followed by a second one from a mini van after 15 minutes.
source: Reuters

Mogadishu is still struck by this double bombing. Just when people thought that they were getting rid of all crisis and moving towards a better future, the bombing takes place. The first bombing confused people in the neighboring areas of the Dayah hotel. It was only when the sound of gunshots and the second bombing took place did they realize what had happened. The second bombing took place 15 minutes after the first.