Image Courtesy: India Today

Dr. Subramanian Swamy member of Rajya Sabha attacked Superstar Rajnikanth saying his hints about joining politics is a complete joke.

The Bhartya Janta Party MP has claimed that Rajnikanth has no political ideologies ,”He is not even a Tamilian. He is a Marathi from Bengaluru,” teased Swamy.

Dr Swamy attacked Rajnikanth on the day when Rajnikanth met his fans and spoke about the possibilities of him joining politics. He didn’t confirm or decline about being part of politics but Swamy openly mocked Raijni would fail as a politician”The following that Rajinikanth has is not an ideological one but cult following and it is not good. Rajini will fail in politics. His talks of a ‘political plunge if God decides’ is a joke,” Swamy said.


Swami has warned Rajnikanth to ‘stay away from politics’. Reacting to Rajinikanth’s statement that he would take the political plunge if ‘God intended him to’, Swamy said that actors were good at delivering dialogues. “People from cinema are good at giving statements since their dialogues are scripted by somebody else,” he said. Swamy added that Rajinikanth has extended to too many parties in the past and was a ‘mere distraction’.

Its quite shocking of Swamy’s statement to come at this time when BJP leaders, including the party’s candidate for the, now countermanded R K Nagar bypoll Gangai Amaran, tried to paint a picture of closeness with the superstar. After years, Rajinikanth met his fans on Monday giving way to speculation that he would soon don the politician’s hat soon.