Pakistan and India cooperates to unite a five year old boy with his mother who were separated for a year.

The eventual reunion of a mother-son at Wagah border, separated for a year mirrored the famous hit movie Bhajarangi Bhaijan, only that this time, not any single individual but both the Indian and Pakistani authorities joined hands to provide all the assistance to the boy.

In March last year, a five year old Pakistani boy, Ifikhar Ahmed, was taken away by his father, who hails from Jammu, to India. The boy’s mother claimed that her former husband, on the pretext of taking the boy to a wedding, actually took him to Dubai and later to India.

The mother, Rohina Kiyani, lodged a case in May 2016 in an Indian court with the help of Pakistan High Commission situated in New Delhi. Though the case was won in her favour, due to the ongoing tensions along the border, it took almost eight months to see her son again.

The boy was handed over to Pakistan Rangers at the border where his mother was waiting for him. Expressing her joys, she said, “I am extremely happy to have my son back. I am thankful to the Pakistani govt for its help for return of my child.”