Titanfall: Assault, one of the competitive real-time strategy game for smartphone, was announced few months ago, and today it is finally available. Respawn and developer Particle City have released the game on the devices of Android and iOS.

The game replaces the fast-paced first-combat of the mainline series with top-down RTS mechanics, but it still features a lot of the elements of Titanfall that you’d expect. You’ll still have Titans to call down, Pilots to control, and Burn Cards that give you boosts. Respawn has said that it’s meant to feel like a Titanfall game even though it’s in a new format.


Some other parts of the game that fans of Titanfall will recognize include a modification of the Hardpoint mode, where the first player to reach 100 points by holding Hardpoints or to destroy the other player’s base wins. In addition, just like in the main series, the maps will feature different ways to interact with the environment. There’ll be ziplines for Pilots and destructible areas that open new paths for Titans.

This isn’t the first Titanfall mobile project, but it is the only one that’s made it to full release. Titanfall: Frontline was a strategy card game in development at Particle City, but it was cancelled earlier this year. You can also check out our recent interview with Respawn’s Vince Zampella here.