Airport Security. (flickr)

To curb terror activities in India, the government has come up with a new initiative under which suspicious travel activities of potential troublemakers will be tracked as soon as they book their flight tickets. A pre-screening system will also be adopted to check if the person features on the terror blacklist.

Indian airports are already a bit more strict than those in the U.K. and the U.S. Only people with valid tickets are allowed to enter airports in India.

According to a senior civil aviation ministry official, “There is a plan to put in place a passenger profiling system. Unlike in U.S., where passenger data is sent to security agencies 24 hours before the departure of a flight, here the profiling of passengers will begin the moment an air ticket is booked.”

Aviation security consultants were doubtful about this step of the government. They feel it is a massive invasion of privacy. Aviation safety consultant Mohan Ranganathan said, “It is intrusive to a person’s privacy. Passenger profiling could lead to an innocent person being unnecessarily victimised. Secondly, in India, there is a practice of exempting high-profile people from the system so if you start exempting them from profiling as well, the whole system will fail,” reports The Hindu newspaper.

The civil aviation secretary R.N. Choubey, talking at an event about airport security said, “We have systems in place so information keeps coming to us. We track people…they don’t know they are being tracked. We track a whole lot of things. I don’t want to alert anyone (but) the way we do checks is not random. There is a method behind it.”

The rising threat of terror all over the world is the main reason for this decision. India is tightening its security, which may prove beneficial in the long run.