A gunman opened fire and killed a policeman and injured two other on Thursday in Paris. This happened at the Champs-Elysees. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

The group confirmed the identity of the attacker as Abu Yousif – the Belgian through their Amaq news agency. Paris is on high alert.

According to a report by TRTWorld, the identity of the suspect has been confirmed. The suspect is said to have used an AK-47 for the attack. The attacker had reportedly talked of killing a policeman on the social media app Telegram.

The police have cordoned off Champs-Elysees.

France is in a state of emergency since 2015 after a string of attacks began on its citizens and soldiers.

The attack has sparked off a political debate. French President Francois Hollande has assured people of extra vigilance before the presidential elections. Opposition leader Marine Le Pen of the National Front, who has taken a tough stance against immigration, has tweeted saying “I don’t want that one becomes accustomed to Islamist terrorism.”

Police and military forces are have set up security points at important places in the city.

The incident comes after two men were detained by the French police two days ago. The men possessed guns and explosives and were planning on carrying an attack soon.