Hamza Bin Laden with his father Osama Bin Laden source: english.alarabiya.net

Hamza Bin Laden, son of late al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden will likely succeed his father and be the next al-Qaeda leader. During the raid conducted in 2011 in Pakistan that killed his father and mother, Khairiah Sabar, one of Osama’s wives, Hamza was not present on his father’s Abbbotabad compound. In a video recording released in 2001 Hamza vows to take revenge on those who killed his father. Now he is in his late twenties and officially became a member of the al-Qaeda in 2015. He has already directed attacks against the western capitals and is highly regarded by the group’s members.

Hamza Bin Laden could take over his father
source: businessinsider.com

The US has listed him in the terror blacklist along with his half brother Saad as “specially designated global terrorist.” A threat to many of the western countries many predict that Hamza can be as dangerous as his father. After the 2001 video Hamza again appeared in another audio recording where he calls upon his followers in Kabul, Baghdad and Gaza to initiate Jihad (holy war) in London, Paris, Washington and Tel Aviv.

Hamza is popular among the militant Jihad group and was his father’s favorite son. Everyone expects him to take over leadership and continue his father’s “holy” work. Hamza like any other Jihadist is a strong believer and with the incentive to avenge his father will be a threat of the highest range especially to the US and Israel. He is considered the “crown prince” and will likely have a bigger role in the activities conducted in future.

Al-Banna a senior member of the AQAP who also served as the group’s security chief is also put in the US terror blacklist. US prohibited its citizens from making any transactions with the recently titled global terrorists.