The poster featuring ice and fire.
Source: HBO- Twitter

HBO has finally revealed the date for the most awaited series. Both the fans and the cast are very much eager to watch the penultimate season that comes after more than a year’s gap.

Game Of Thrones returns to HBO on 16th of July, unlike its usual release in April. HBO released a poster with ice and fire reflecting to the theme of the series. The penultimate season will have more twists in plots.

HBO also released a 90 second clip, with a recap of voice-overs of important characters from the past six seasons. The teaser shows the sigils of the important ‘Houses’ and ends in a blue eye, leaving the viewers in wonder about the white walkers. The ‘Rose’ of House Tyrells burning in the wildfire, Catelyn Stark’s scream and the pile of bodies in spiral have given a boost to the teaser. Not to mention the snow fall that syncs well with the breaking of sigils.

Season 7 will be the penultimate one. Not only the late release of the season has put its fans down, but also the shortened number of episodes. According to the director, there will be only 7 episodes unlike the usual 10.

In spite of positive reviews, the fans trolled the channel’s inability to release the date in Facebook Live as scheduled. HBO had arranged to break the news during a Facebook Live on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems the live stream cut to black. The channel, however in a third attempt at a live stream, unveiled the date.

Several prominent characters ended last season, leaving a very few behind. The fans expect twists in this season that would end several more characters for the next finale. With the “Game Of Thrones Season 7” entering into HBO on July 16, its time to fasten the belts for an even more thrilling ride as the end nears and the war begins.