Section 377- Something that made life for Indian LGBTQ+A Community miserable.

Many Queer parades happened this year and a lot of debate on the topic exists.

Amidst the ongoing debate on IPC Section 377 makes life difficult for the LGBTQ+A Community along with society’s heteronormative behavior,
Meet Asmita Sarkar, India’s First LGBT Student Leader,breaking stereotypes.

Asmita Sarkar has come out as lesbian and is contesting for the assistant general secretary’s position at the Arts faculty In Jadavpur University, Kolkata in the upcoming students’ union elections.

She is a second year sociology Student and Vice President of Left backed All India Students’ Association Jadavpur University Unit.

“We are born in such a society which patronises laws like section 377 of Indian Constitution and pose a common mind set that a boy can love a girl and vice verse whereas a boy can’t love a boy or a girl can’t love a girl. If they do so it is treated as unnatural. We are forced to see the society as black and white. Though i find the society colourful through my struggle as the rainbow is colourful and colours are pride. And rainbow pride is LGBT community. I hope the students of JU will come forward to support me in the JUSU and enchane my fight to scrap the 377 law. I am glad that i have been given this platform by AISA to carry on my struggle with confidence.” said Ashmita.

Her struggle is something that is inspiring many people of LGBT Community. As a leader she have been active since the beginning of her session.