President Xi Jinxing of China addressed to the military delegates during the annual meeting of the parliament about efforts to improve the military personnel. source:

China’s President Xi Jinping said that the key to upgrading the largest military in the world is to promote technological innovation. President Xi said that the People’s Liberation Army should be provided with technological and scientific support for it to go through modernization and upgradation.

The President wants to see modernization in the army force which also includes stealth jet, anti-satellite missiles and advanced submarines.

President Xi Jinping arrived in Beijing, China and said that the key to upgrading military is innovation in science and technology.

The address was given to the military delegates of the People’s Liberation Army during the annual meeting of the parliament. Innovation in technology and science was recognized as the key to upgrading their military force. He said, “We must have a greater sense of urgency to push for science and technology innovation and advancement with greater determination and efforts.”

This announcement was made by the President after complaints were heard coming from the demobilized army about the lack of support and training they get. The President said that for training high-quality military personnel there should be co-operation from the civilians and the military.

In 2015 President Xi Jinping said that more than 300,000 people will be stripped off their military ranks which led to a huge controversy.

President Xi Jinxing was in trouble in 2015 after his announcement of cutting of people from their military ranks.

The president also admitted to the prevalence of corruption in the system after multiple complaints from the military. The President also said that actions are being taken to fight against corruption in the system.

He stressed on the need to give importance to technology for increasing the efforts taken to train the personnel. Since the country is aiming to expand their power beyond their shores, a good military is necessary for carrying out actions.