There’s more to the new ‘iPhone 8’, than meets the eye! Now, through some sources and reports it has been revealed that the upcoming iPhone will possess a face detection feature, that will mute the notifications-the moment it learns that you are looking at it!

Brazilian Apple site, iHelp BR found that the new iPhone’s face recognition feature will work when the phone is kept on a desk-untouched.

Though, there will be some challenges too for Apple, if it wants the feature to get popular among the Apple-fans. The said iris-detection technology has already been tested and introduced in recent products like Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Microsoft’s Surface computers. But the problem was that the iris-detection technology needed you to put your face in such a way that it could see it wholly. Or you must bring the device to the eye level, everytime you use the face-recognition feature.

Hopefully, Apple should come up with a remedy for this annoying thing, in the new iPhone, whenever it arrives!