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This nursing college in Kerala in their efforts to impose ‘morality’ among the students has reached extreme heights among other self financing colleges.

The Upasana College of Nursing owned by business tycoon Ravi Pillai, in Kollam has directed the students not to shut doors while changing clothes because the authorities suspect that the students might indulge in homosexual activity by closing the door

There is a whole new case about freedom and restrictions that have been put up in the students of  Kollam’s Upasana College of Nursing in Kerala.

The students allege that the college management has been suffocating them with ridiculous rules and heavy fines. Students say that though the rules and alleged harassment of those belonging to lower caste has been happening for few months, what ended their patience was a bizarre instruction to girl students in the hostel.

The students have been instructed shut or lock the doors of their hostel rooms  even while changing. The bizarre rule has been setup because the principal believes giving the girls privacy will encourage homosexuality.

The students of the institute say that the principal claims that the girls are shutting their doors either to secretly use mobile phones or to indulge in homosexual activities. They have also blamed the principal for serious caste discrimination.

The students also claimed that they were barred from using internet in the library as the management said they might watch porn.

The students who protest has asked for the resignation of their principal,who they allege mocks the children with casteist remarks apart from interfering in their personal matters and fining students unnecessarily.

When the students questioned the principal about the discrimination of SC’s, St’s, and Dalit’s the principal threatened them with dreadful consequences.

The students have been protesting for the principal to resign.

Upasana College is run by the Upasana Charitable Society, started by businessman Ravi Pillai.