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Nimrat Kaur, the talented actress who entered Bollywood with ‘Lunch Box’, is all set to shine in a new avtar for upcoming series titled, ” The Test Case”. Nimrat will be seen playing an army personnel and prove it out to all that when it comes about protection of motherland, women can take lead and defend nation.

At ALT Balaji launch, actress talked at length about her experience while training herself for this role and also, she mentioned how Shah Rukh Khan plays an inspiration in her life, she infact confessed that she used underline his interviews. She continued, ” As a young citizen, we look up to people for possible careers. I remember as I was growing up, I was so charmed and influenced by Shah Rukh Khan. I was like here is a guy who is from Delhi, not from filmy background. I remember underlining interviews of him while I should have been studying for my exams. Here is the man who believed that the world is just in his backyard and he is going to get it.”

Nimrat actually comes from a army background, but she humbly maintained that there is difference between being army man and growing up in a family having members serving army. She said that, “Growing up
in an army background is a different thing. It is a very protective and the environment is quite sheltered. It is cut and dried, and also life as such is more repetitive, but being in the army as a personnel is different. To get into this role, I had to work on my endurance, Physical strength and capability of living in extreme  situation”.

She further added, ” I didn’t want to play girlcard. I would always tell myself that if there
is a girl trying to be a commando and all of this was happening with her, she would not let it go.”

But as she spoke ahead, she clarifies that she doesn’t mean a competition with men , “I am not comparing with men in any way because they are born strong and with a different biological skill set. We cannot do that. I don’t want to be them but have to be the best version of me.”

With this choice of role, Nimrat Kaur has once again proved that quality matters more than quantity. Nimrit has not lot of work but, she has done some amazing work and hope the same from her in future also.