A glimpse at how it all started and what’s next:

How did it begin:

  • O.Panneerselvam, Tamil Nadu’s CM who resigned 2 days ago, meditates at Jayalalitha’s memorial for 40 mins. Breaks silence in front of media, accusing Sasikala and her supporters of forcing him to leave his post.
  • Further proceeded to blame Sasikala and her supporters of getting sissy over his government success on issues like Jallikattu, Vardah Cyclone mitigation, drinking water crisis in Chennai.
  •  Sasikala alleges in a press conference that the main opposition Dravida Munnetra Kazakham(DMK) was behind OPS’s revolt against her and asserted that all the party MLAs are with her and hence there is “no problem” in her becoming the Chief Minister. Removes Panneerselvam as the party treasurer and permanent member of AIADMK.
  • O.Panneerselvam rejects her allegations, discarding them as rubbish. Challenges her right to remove him

What now?

  •  The Governor has asked the Panneerselvam Cabinet to continue as ‘caretaker CM’ until alternative arrangements are made.
  •  As of now,C Vidyasagar, the Governor can swear VK Sasikala in based on the AIADMK legislature party electing her.
  • He has the discretion to appoint as chief minister anyone who, in his opinion, is in a position to command a majority in the legislature. However, in the light of conflicting claims, it would be justified in seeking to ascertain who commands a majority.