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Valerie Jarrett is making news with her latest interview in CNN stating that Barack Obama has been a scandal-free President. For all those who are wondering as to who Valerie is, here’s the answer. Valerie Jarrett who is one of the closest advisers of Obama and is also a close friend of Mr and Mrs Obama.

In her interview to the CNN on New Year’s Day, she stated, “The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal and he hasn’t done something to embarrass himself.” The news went viral across social media and many people shared their views denying her statement.

Tom Fitton, executive director of Judicial Dog, which is a government watchdog group has criticised her statement saying the Democrat leader’s administration was highly corrupt. Highlighting few of the scandals of Obama and Hillary Clinton, he accused the Obama’s rule to have umpteen scandals.

Posts in social media illuminated his carelessness in the Benghazi issue that lead to the fatal end of 4 Americans and mass surveillance of American citizens without a warrant as some of the many flaws of his Presidency.

With the President-elect being the unanimous choice for his 2nd term in the most developed nation in the world, his reign over the past 8 years can be considered as some of the best years of America. People all over the world still couldn’t take the news of the classy family vacating the White House. While criticisms prevail, the 1st Black President of the USA is one of the most loved leaders of the century.