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In a recent event at the Raghavendra Mandapam on Monday, Superstar Rajnikanth addressed his fans and media about still maintaining ambiguity about his possible entry into politics.

The actor was quite tactful while talking about politics, “If I say now that I will not enter politics, it will disappoint a section of my fans who aspire to be in politics for monetary gain. If I enter politics, I will not keep close to me those fans. I ask those fans to give up such hopes. If it happens and I enter politics, they will not be anywhere near me.”

He also added saying, “”Some fans write to me asking when we are going to make progress and get ahead. They say that those that came after have gone ahead and become councillors and ministers. Some fans wish for such positions. It is not wrong for them to have these wishes. But if they wish to make money through politics, I am not sure whether to feel worried, angry or laugh. I will say again, as I have said before: My life is in the hands of God.”

He addressed himself as a element from God,”God is using me as an actor and I am acting. Whatever he uses me tomorrow, I will be true to that role. It is time now to make people happy, money can wait. At the same time, whatever responsibility I am entrusted with I will be true to it. I don’t know what responsibility that is. It is up to God.”
Rajinikanth also called on his fans to give up drinking and smoking, advising them to take care of their families. “I speak from experience. Alcohol not only ruins your physical health but also your thinking and how you function.”