Snaresbrook crown court sentence Hutchinson to 23 years. source:

Courtney Hutchinson, a rapper and an actor raped a woman and kept her prisoner for three days last February, has been sentenced to 23 years in prisoner by Snaresbrook crown court.

Rapper Courtney Hutchinson sentenced to 23 years in prison.

The victim who is 20 years old suffered major injuries but yet managed to escape from Hutchinson after spending three days getting raped and physically hurt by the rapper. The rapper is famous for his songs ‘Hometown’ and ‘Passion’ and also played a role in the British film, The Intent. He plays the role of a gangster in the film. In a scene in the movie Hutchinson brands a man with hot iron. The same was done to his victim. The victim suffered terrible burns, a fractured eye socket, broken nose, had internal bleeding from the forced sexual activity and even had a stab wound to her hand.

The victim escaped from Hutchinson and ran outside naked. Someone from the public found her and helped her out. The victim was treated in Royal London hospital and is still in their care owing to her terrible injuries. Her lawyer stated that the injuries on her were the worst he had ever seen. The day she escaped, she was unrecognizable with a swollen face and both dry and fresh blood on her body. The victim should surely be appreciated for coming forward to put the offender behind bars for the crime that he committed. She is a brave woman who is strong to go through the court procedure. Hutchinson has inflicted violence that showed that he had no regard for human life. Detective Sergeant Jimi Tele praised the victim for her bravery.

Courtney Hutchinson pleaded guilty to GBH. But earlier in a tweet he said,” whoever’s dumb enough to think I could rape a 17 year girl then so be it. But I could never be that guy. So carry on trying slander my name.” A statement was also released by the filmmakers stating their disassociation with Hutchinson and taking no responsibility of any individuals in the film and in this case Courtney Hutchinson. They expressed their sympathy for the victim and hoped that she will make a speedy recovery.