Russian Navy MiG-29KUBR, a combat aircraft crashed after deploying from its aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, in the eastern Mediterranean near Syria.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the fighter jet crashed due to a technical problem shortly after take-off. They stated that the pilot ejected safely and was picked up by a rescue team, and further mentioned that the crashed jet was also recovered. The ministry also said that there was no suspension of flight operations.

Taking-off and landing on an aircraft carrier is known to be a complicated and dangerous flying exercise. Hence, the Kuznetsov doesn’t often leave the port so that pilots don’t experience difficulties while embarking and disembarking.

Sky news reported of defense analysts that forewarned potential crashes as a consequence of a lack of testing; the jets on board had not carried out enough missions en route to the eastern Mediterranean. The Adm. Kuznetsov had arrived off the coast of Syria after sailing down past the east coast of England and through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Russia’s sole aircraft carrier Adm. Kuznetsov is capable of carrying dozens of helicopters and the MiG-29Ks were added to the Kuznetsov’s carrier wing. It also consists of a nuclear-powered battle cruiser, two anti-submarine warships and four support vessels, mostly escorted by submarines, according to BBC reports.

The incident was quite an embarrassment for the Russian Armed forces, the Mig having crashed on the day of its debut in the Syrian conflict. Russia continues to be steadfast in its denial of any possible war crimes that could result as a consequence of the air strikes.