Sasikala s speech to the AIADMK party

Chennai went on a seven day mourning period after the death of their beloved Chief Minister, Jayalalitha Jayaram. Leaving nobody in charge of her party AIADMK, O Panneerselvam was appointed the Chief Minister on short notice.

Sasikala s speech to the AIADMK party

V K Sasikala, a woman who had been beside Jayalalitha for the past 33 years was recently appointed the chief of AIADMK. The party members said that they are more comfortable on following orders under the leadership of Sasikala who knows Jayalalitha and her principles better than anybody. Giving a 22-minute long speech which was both emotional and obstinate she mentioned the time she spent for Amma and how she was by her side during the hard times. Her position gained her the title of the sixth General Secretary of AIADMK.

In the month of December posters of Jayalalitha along with Sasikala emerged on the walls of Chennai city. This showed her strong association with AIADMK not just as a supporter but as a person who would take a prominent role in the future of AIADMK.

Sasikala in her speech made numerous mentions of Amma, but never did she mention O Panneerselvam. It is clear that she would rather have him as a Finance Minister or Treasurer rather than a CM. With her recently found power it is only a matter of time for Panneerselvam to be given another position. The ministers also support Sasikala to take on the role of Amma.

Poster that recognizes O Panneerselvam as the treasurer of AIADMK