First talk is scheduled to take place on Thursday in Astana with a resolution to end the Syria War. source:

The war in Syria has killed thousands of people and is approaching its seventh year. Many have been left homeless and have fled to other countries where they are not being accepted. The UN has expressed their concerns over this disturbance in Syria. As it is nearing its seventh year, the war has led to two new rounds of talks that is scheduled to take place in Astana and Geneva.

The war in Syria has created damage to human life and the nation. The talks’ main purpose is to stop the War in Syria.

The first meeting is scheduled to take place in the capital of Kazakh, Astana. The summit was to be held on Monday to Wednesday; but due to some technical reasons which were was not mentioned, the summit has been postponed to Thursday 16th February. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry has said that the meeting will include representatives from both the sides-the government and the armed rebel forces and the UN envoy Staffan de Mistura and few  US officials. The meeting will build on the talks that was held there last month. The meeting was sponsored by the Syrian government’s allies Russia, Iran and Turkey. The Russian Foreign Minister said that this talk between the two opposing forces is held so that both the sides would make an agreement to stop using force and encourage the political process.

The second meeting is to be held on February 23rd in Geneva and will be sponsored by the UN. This meeting has already been postponed twice, so as to give time to the opposition to form a unified delegation. The Syrian government has hinted that it will take part in the Geneva talk. The talk will stress on the issues that is between both the sides and measures to solve them and also the fate of the President, Bashar al-Assad. Syria’s UN ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari will be the negotiator.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad position as President will be discussed in the meeting scheduled to be held in Geneva on February 23rd.

Lawyer Mohammed Sabra has replaced Mohamed Alloush of the Army of Islam rebel group as the negotiator. They have said that they would participate in the delegation at an advisory capacity. The HNC said that representatives from the informally known Cairo and Moscow groups will be present at the meeting. But they have both denied this statement and it is still not confirmed whether they will be attending the meeting.

Four rebel forces in Syria have said that they have not yet been invited to the meeting to be held in Astana.

Four rebel groups have said that they have not yet received an invitation to the Astana talk and Jordan has said that they will attend the meeting but only as an observer. The US has also not confirmed whether they will send any of their officials to the meeting as the previous meeting held at the same place did not produce an effective outcome.

The talks in Geneva are going to be conducted on a more subtle topic compared to what will be conducted in Astana. The people backing the President Bashar al-Assad has said that his position is not something that is left for open negotiation. Although many others want the President to be removed.