Donald Trump in his two weeks in office has raised massive uproar throughout the United States Of America.  President Trump issued an order banning refugees and travellers from 7 Muslim dominated countries. The ban caused riots and anger. Throughout its history, Presidents have signed many orders. Here are some significant executive orders from American History.

Following are 9 orders which shaped the future of America:

picture shows FDR signing the order 9066
FDR signing the order 9066
  1. Franklin D Roosevelt order 7034: To combat the great depression and provide large numbers of unemployed youth jobs, F.D.R set up the Work Progress Administration and other agencies. Only problem, the order was so complicated that it took 4 lectures by the President to explain the media.
  2. Franklin D Roosevelt order 9066: This order came into action issued during the World War 2. Right after the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbour. The order as aresult of attack on perl harbour relocated Japanese citizens to intermittent Camps.
Newspaper headline after the signing of order 9981
Newspaper headline after the signing of order 9981
  1. Harry Truman order 9981: Perhaps one of the defining moments in American history, Harry Truman ended racial discrimination in the United States Armed Forces. Furthermore, this would allow coloured soldiers to train for combat immediately instead of being made to wait 3 years.
  2. Harry Truman order 110340: Harry Truman during the preparation of Korean War directed the secretary of commerce to seize all steel plants. The order was given to end the 1952 Steel strike. In a landmark judgement the US supreme court ruled that president lacked authority to seize the mills.

Several orders help end racial discrimination in USA

  1. Dwight Eisenhower order 10730: This order came into being after the supreme court ordered desegregation of schools. When nine African-american students tried to enter Central High School a full scale riot broke out. The order place Arkansas National Guard under federal control and sent 101st Paratroopers to restore peace.
John F Kennedy signing a executive order
John F Kennedy signing a executive order
  1.  John F Kennedy order 10924: The order set up the Peace Corps. Peace Corps is a volunteer program that works for social and economic development.
  2. Lyndon Johnson order 11246: Another defining moment in American history, Lyndon Johnson established requirements that prevented government contractors from discriminating while hiring and employment.
  3. Ronald Reagan order 12291: As soon as taking office, Ronald Reagan made cost-benefit analysis mandatory in federal decisions to reduce the burden on the economy. The order set of a big political storm for the Reagan administration.
  4. George W bush order 13228: The order merged 22 federal agencies. Hence, the Department of Homeland Security came into being to fight terrorism.

Each president helped shape the future of America. Let see how the present in-charge shapes it.