Melanie Martinez has been accused by Timothy Heller, of raping her

American singer/songwriter and The Voice star, Melanie Martinez has come under fire, just a day before, as she has been accused of sexually assaulting her former friend, Timothy Heller. And the allegations have been made by Timothy herself, by a tweet, on December 4th, that is, yesterday.

Timothy revealed in her tweet that Melanie forcefully assaulted her, during a sleepover, and raped her!

“I have kept this secret for years, convincing myself that it wasn’t a big deal and I wasn’t hurt by it. The thought of accepting that my best friend raped me seems insane.” Timothy wrote in her tweet.

Continuing further she wrote:

“One night during a sleepover, she became increasingly interested in my sexual preferences. As someone who had previously been through sexual abuse, sex is hard for me to talk about. I was obviously uncomfortable, but she was my best friend, so I tried to be open about it.”

She also wrote that Melanie continuously forced her to have sex, while Timothy refused.

“It went on for hours. I just wanted to sleep, I was exhausted.”

“I said no, repeatedly. But she used her power over me, and broke me down. Just so there is no confusion, I was molested by my best friend…she performed oral sex on me and then I was penetrated with a sex toy without being asked. That’s what happened.”

The tweet is trending since its inception, yesterday, and has gained more than 70,000 retweets.

Since October, there have been many revelations made by various Hollywood female stars against many male stars, of sexually assaulting them; but now, its totally unbelievable-a girl raping a girl! What’s happening? Is anyone safe, in this world?


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