Skullomania, the greatest fighting game character ever created, will make his triumphant return in Arika’s new unnamed fighting game. The character–who is a Japanese salary man turned vigilante in a skeleton outfit–made his debut in the Street Fighter EX series, which was developed by Arika in partnership with Capcom. He hadn’t been featured in any games since the EX series … except Fighter Maker, but we don’t talk about Fighter Maker.

During EVO 2017 Arika showed off new footage of its currently in-development fighting game–the one that started off as an April Fool’s joke. It includes a number of characters from the Street Fighter EX series, which the studio retained the rights to after its partnership with Capcom ended. There’s that mustache guy, spiky hair crotch sword man, and that lady that does the kicks. But none of them matter.

Skullomania Is All That Matters

And his reveal was absolutely perfect. If you watch the video again–which you can do above–you’ll notice that he appears alongside the “Here Comes a New Challenger” notification that the Street Fighter series is known for. On top of that, it’s actually in a font that looks a whole lot like Street Fighter IV’s text. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also on the grid paper style training stage used in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V.

And he’s appears with a knowing laugh.

I might be riding a high right now, but he looks amazing in gameplay too. He’s quick, and recklessly diving into his enemy with his Skullocrusher. And he’s rocking his sweet red scarf while he’s doing it.

If this news story hasn’t made it clear, I’m a huge Skullomania fan. In fact, I’ve been pestering Capcom to bring him back for a while now, to no avail. I even made a petition, which I was led to believe has a 100% success rate, but got nothing.