Suicide bomb in Syria's Susian town kills at least 42 Syrian rebels
image source: News World India

Nearly 50 people were reported dead in a suicide bomb blast in Susian town in Syria. The bombing takes place just hours after the Islamic State withdrew its forces from a nearby city Al-Bab. The attack was planned to hit the Turkey-backed rebels, who along with Turkish forces, succeeded in capturing Al-Bab city from the IS militant group.

A vehicle packed with explosives was blown up by a bomber outside the command centre of the Syrian rebels in the town of Susian, which is just 8 kilometres from the city.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, most of the dead were Syrian rebels who besieged the city from the militant group.

The 100 day battle of IS militant group with the Syrian rebels and the Turkish forces ended yesterday when the former was forced to withdraw its control from the city Al-Bab, where it had maintained its strong foot for a long time. This city was the last stronghold of the IS in the northern part of Syria near the Turkish border.

In August last year, Turkish forces started an operation to achieve two ends, one, to capture l-Bab from the ISIS and second, to target the Kurdish. The seizure of the city has now strengthened and enabled the Turks to suppress the expanding influence of the US-backed Kurdish in northern Syria, whom theTurks consider as terrorists.

Turkish Defence Minister Fikri Isik said that the rebels now have “near complete control” of the town.