The makers of Mersal will not have anticipated the kind of support their film has been receiving over the past few days for the choice of subject it tackles with.

The film has run into a row with the Tamil Nadu BJP after it questioned present day issues in the form of GST and the irregularities in medical practice. Support for Mersal has been outpouring since it’s release with fans , critics and celebrities standing by the messages in the film.

Now, the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) has released an official statement giving a double thumbs up to Mersal and it’s makers.

The SIFCC in an official press release has stated two things:

  • The request for the removal of said dialogues in a film certified by the censor board cannot be removed. As per the SIFCC, the Supreme Court has ruled such changes are not possible after a fillm has passed the censor certification process.
  • They have also reportedly filed a complaint with the Prime Minister’s Office against BJP leader H. Raja in violation of the Piracy Act after he admitted in an interview that he had watched Mersal on the internet.

It now remains to be seen how things transpire from this point on.

We will keep you posted as there are further developments. Stay tuned  to ScrollToday for further updates.


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