Supreme Court has clarified that viewers need not stand when National Anthem is being played as a part of any movie
Image source: The Indian Express

The apex court has made it clear that people need not stand when the National Anthem is being played in the background during a, documentary or any newsreel

On November 30 the Supreme Court passed an order that made the playing of National Anthem mandatory in a cinema hall before the screening of the film. This decision had left had left many people perplexed.

In a petition filed in the court sought clarity on the previous order. One of the primary question put forward by the petitioner was whether or not to stand up when the National Anthem is being played in the movie. To which the apex court clarified that it is not necessary for people to stand up when it is included in a film, documentary or news.

A two-judge bench led by Justice Dipak Misra and R Banumathi added that such questions and doubts have to be discussed and debated. The next hearing in this case is on April 18th.

In November last year, a Supreme Court order came following a PIL filed by Shyam Narayan who sought that National Anthem be played before the beginning of a movie in all the cinema halls across the country.

While passing the order, the apex court had also said that, “love and respect for the motherland is reflected when one shows respect to the National Anthem as well as to the National Flag.”

Along with the order, a set of directions and conditions were given by the court regarding the application of National Anthem. It restricted the printing and displaying any part of the anthem in a disrespectful manner and any kind of exploitation of it is barred. Playing of the abridged versions of the anthem was also barred.