The bromance between President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have always been major goals for most of us. President Obama surprised his bro Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest civilian honor. Vice President Joe Biden had no idea that he was receiving this honor and was surprised by his friend and President on January 13,2016. The Presidential Medal of Freedom had been reserved only for three honorable men- Pope John Paul ΙΙ, President Ronald Reagan and General Colin Powell. Now, Vice President Joe Biden has been added to this list of honorable mentions.

President Obama’s and Joe Biden’s bromance only gets stronger.

Obama said that this was the first and only time in his presidency that he is bestowing a medal of such honor with an additional level of veneration. Joe Biden was teary eyed on receiving the medal from his dear friend. Barack Obama said that Joe Biden was not just a vice President to him but also a great friend. And when they disagree Biden was never afraid to give Obama a straight opinion without filtering what he actually thought. Obama also said that Joe Biden has been a ‘Lion’ of American history and that he is nowhere near finished.

Joe Biden overcome with emotions after he receives the highest civilian honor.

Joe Biden was taken aback with the surprise. He thanked his family and the Obamas for their support and belief in him. Biden told Obama,”This honor is not only well beyond what I deserve, but it’s a reflection of the generosity of your spirit.I don’t deserve this. But I know it came from the president’s heart.”  He said that what is passed on from one’s heart will go into the other’s. Obama and Biden have had a close working relationship. The internet has many memes and videos made on their bromance. Obama joked that this would be one last time for the internet to talk about their bromance.

Obama said that Biden is the best Vice President that America has ever had. Joe Biden said that he will always be indebted to Obama’s friendship and his family.