The protest that shook the state of Tamil Nadu for the past month is taking a different dimension gradually. Removing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ban on Jallikattu is the current demand of every Tamilian.

Pongal day did witness the ancient sport of ‘Jallikattu’ being conducted across the state against the ban enforced by PETA. But Tamil Nadu wants the ban to be completely withdrawn on the sport to safely conduct Jallikattu in the coming years.

The protest that started in Alanganallur, the place famous for this bull taming sport drew the attention of the world for even women and children took to the streets to fight for their culture. Police arrested many of the protesters that raged the Tamil youth.

It started as forward messages through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and now has pulled a large youth crowd. The protest that began yesterday at Marina Beach, Chennai has been on for about 30 hours now. Youngsters thronged the beach and have protested even through the night. State Fisheries Minister, D Jayakumar spoke to few representatives of the protesters and assured that the issue will get justice at the soonest.

But the protesters don’t seem to withdraw their fight unless and until Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, O Paneer Selvam speaks on this issue. They demand an oral assurance from the CM himself.

Many members of the Kollywood fraternity have shown their stand against the ban and have backed these youngsters. The entire nation is looking up on Chennai, for their non-violent, silent protest over this boiling issue. With high hopes of a favourable decision to be made soon, youth crowd is swelling at Marina. Also, many college student have also joined the mass today to raise their voice against PETA.