Sheela Balakrishnan administrated the state during the 75 day period of illness of the late CM, J Jayalalithaa

Known to be a close confidante of the then Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa, Sheela Balakrishnan who was elevated to her post by the CM in March 2014, quits the post of govt adviser to the state on Friday before the culmination of her tenure, that is due on March 31st. No confirmation has yet been given on this matter.

As if this wasn’t surprising enough, another such event paralleled with two secretaries resigning. KN Venkataramanan and A.Ramalingam, both Secretaries to the then CM, have also called it quits.

Sheela Balakrishnan served as a Secretary to Tamil Nadu CM between 2002-2006 before she became the chief secretary on January 1, 2013. She was later made govt adviser in 2015. She held a crucial position during the absence of J Jayalalithaa for 75 days. K.N Venkataramanan and A. Ramalingam,  retired civil servant and serving officer respectively, are also known for their closeness to the former CM.

Tamil Nadu looks ahead to the meeting on Sunday when the party MLAs of AIADMK are likely to urge  Ms Sasikala to take over the Chief Minister’s seat which is currently held by O Panneerselvam.