Director: Shree Narayan Singh

Running Time: 2h 35m

Cast: Bhoomi Pednekar, Akshay Kumar, Sana Khan, Anupam Kher, Divyendu Sharma

Movie Score: 55%

*[0-50%-red (poor); 50-70%-yellow (average to good, better and promising); 70-90%-green (very good to great); 90-100%-blue (outstanding to perfect and a masterpiece)]

If there is any doubt in your mind, I would like to flush it-yes, seriously-flush! This film is not about defecation issue, rather a mistimed entertainer. Akshay Kumar is on a streak of giving issue-related films-one after the other. And now, here is Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, said to be based on a true story of a woman who left her husband’s home because there was no toilet. This is a masala film not an awareness spreading one-be clear, in the beginning only.

Firstly, the synopsis for this Katha is important for you to be acquainted with. Keshav (Akshay Kumar) is a village boy of age 36, living in a village of UP. He has a brother also, named Naru (Divyendu Sharma). Keshav At 36, is still unmarried due to his ‘manglik’ kundli, which can be solved only by his marriage to a buffalo. And then later on, he finds Jaya (Bhoomi Pednekar) who is an educated girl. He first tries to woo her and eventually wins her heart and the two get married.

But after that Jaya finds that there is no toilet in his home and due to this reason, she leaves him. Keshav then vows to bring her back by deciding that he will construct the toilet not only in his house but also in his village.

Well, all this could have been more decent and good to watch, had it not been for a messed-up plot and meaningless story, dragged for about 2 hours and 35 minutes! The film is not bad to watch, just that it missed what it was made for-the message and the relevance.

The first half, like every other recent film that is released nowadays, is good and interesting and feels like there is something exciting building up to come next and suddenly you find it, not being tolerable enough. The two lead characters start to relate with you till the time you find it relatable. That’s where the problem arises and the story stumbles.

Akshay is playing a 36 year old (well that’s not an issue here). He is hilarious in the first half, has a bunch of some good dialogues while stalking Bhoomi’s character Jaya and trying to impress her. But soon after sometime, you realize, it is not something but ordinary. Bhoomi Pednekar is a good talent and here also, she is confident and plays her character wisely.

But the real problem is the treatment by the director himself. He seems to be a ‘PM Modi fan’ perhaps (no intentions here against the PM from my side). Talking just about the film here, I guess Shree Narayan Singh thought of this film to be a tribute to present govt.’s 3 years-seems so, when you actually look at those clear hints in the scenes which over and over emphasis on how Modi Ji’s govt. has changed the country for good and before that, it was nothing. There is a scene where a TV reporter speaks about how the present govt. has built over 3 million toilets in the past three years-again, a clear indication towards the Modi Govt’s reign. Before that, did anything exist?

Whatever the characters are doing or saying in the movie, gives a clear hint of appreciating the govt. OK we know all that as the citizens of the country, but it just goes above the mind, when shown repeatedly in this film.

Another thing about the film is the film itself-being complicated and goes haywire afterwards. Weakness of a good presentation and careless attitude in storytelling can lead to a result like this.

This issue-oriented drama could have been a better strike but went with lots of misses.

Since the movie has released today, and many of you would be planning to watch it this weekend, I won’t throw any extra spoilers, but would recommend to the director that he should have made the movie with a different title instead-‘Sarkaar: For the people’. No more jokes.