Donald Trump,the 45th President of the United States has stirred up controversy in his first week in office. Trump signed an executive order on Friday. The order banned immigrants from countries like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Syria. The ban also includes extreme vetting for people from Pakistan, Saudis and Afghans. The ban targets Muslims and people from Muslim dominated countries.

The order brought confusion and anger with it. The ban right now is only temporary and in place for the next 4 months.But, refugees from war torn Syria are banned indefinitely. Also, the refugee limit for 2017 fixed to 50,000 from the previous 110,000. The ban has enraged activists, democrats and the general public. People gathered at the JFK Airport in New York against the ban and demanded that Custom Officials release the detained immigrants.

Trump bans has impacts travelers and refugees from Muslim dominated countries.

Sundar Pichai opposed the ban and vowed to help affected Google employees

The ban has affected Tech Companies as well. Tech Giant Google, Facebook have opposed the ban. Google recalled all of its immigrant workers from countries on the Visa Ban list immediately . They also discouraged all its immigrant employees from traveling out of the US. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg opposed the ban in a post and expressed concern on the impact. All major companies like UBER, Apple and Netflix have distanced themselves from the ban and taken steps to help its employees.

The only relief is that a Federal Judge in US has blocked the order partially. Authorities cannot detain green card holders at Airports or send them back.

Several prominent leaders including CEO’s have condemned the ban calling it Un-american and promising to fight the ban. Trump in his campaign had promised to ban Muslims from the US but his statements were dismissed and not taken seriously. But the passing of the order has sent shock waves throughout the world.