Turkey removes the restrictions on hijab for women soldiers
image source: lebanon.shafaqna.com

In a historic decision, Turkey Army is set to allow women soldiers with headscarf under few conditions

The move to lift the ban that restricted wearing of Islamic headscarves for soldiers was ordered by the Defense Ministry. The reform is likely to be implemented once it is published in the official gazette. The news was forecasted on the state-run Anadolu news agency.

The move comes months after Turkey lifted the ban on Islamic headscarf in a police department and included the scarf in their uniform.

The new rule applies to commandment officers and general staff in the army. It is not yet clear if it applies to combat army as well.

The reform does allow the women officers to wear hijab, but it does so under certain conditions. It said the headscarves should be of the same colour as their uniforms and it shouldn’t cover their faces.