Image Credits: Google Images

Museums have always been a place narrating a million tales. While there are many beautiful museums around the world, this museum in Europe is making rounds over news.

Inaugurated earlier this week, the Museo Atlántico is the first underwater museum in Europe. It is one of those historic museums known, that hosts more than 300 sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor. Taylor is a renowned British artist whose sculpture weighing about 60 tonnes was installed in the waters of Bahamas back in 2014. The sculpture is one of the largest to be erected underwater.

Museo Atlántico has been constructed 14 metres below the sea level under the Atlantic waters. Spanning for about 2500 square metres, it can be visited by scuba divers or by glass bottomed boats. A 30-metre-long, 100-ton wall has been erected using Ph neutral materials that aims to create a healthy environment for local fish species.

‘The sculptures in specific portray the differences between past and present.’, Mr. Taylor said during the inauguration. He also added saying that the museum would provide an insight into the integral part played by marine bodies in our lives.

Interestingly, the artist has inaugurated several other museums of the same kind. Some of them include the ‘MUSA’ in Mexico in 2009 and the ‘Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park’ in the Caribbean in 2006.

Work by Jason deCaires Taylor