Donald Trump scraps the guidelines of Obama to schools on transgenders’ bathroom access

US President has stirred the hornet’s nest yet again with his decision to repeal Obama’s landmark rule that supported the rights of transgenders.

Former Democratic President Barack Obama had compelled all the public schools to initiate transgender friendly bathrooms in its premises, also added that failing to do so would stop all the funding the schools get from the centre. To stop harassment against transgenders, Obama administration also included various other rules and suggestions that were hinged on transgender’s choices in every matter. This established Obama as the promoter and protector of LGBT rights.

It doesn’t come as a surprise if Donald Trump has revoked Obama’s rules. Not because he had done it earlier, but because of his conspicuous misogyny which has angered feminists and liberals. The new move would only intensify the anger of people. Protests against this were already started on Wednesday by people expressing their disapproval of the decision.

The protesters gathered in front of the White House to show and articulate their dissent. They were seen holding placards that said, “No hate, no fear, trans students are welcome here.” Rainbow flags, representing the LGBTs were also waved.  Rachel Tiven, chief executive of Lambda Legal that advocates LGBT rights says, “We all know that Donald Trump is a bully, but his attack on transgender children today is a new low.”

But the conservatives, on the other hand, are celebrating the move. “Our fight over the bathroom directive has always been about former President Obama’s attempt to bypass Congress and rewrite the laws to fit his political agenda for radical social change,” says Ken Paxton, Texas attorney general.

The federal court, however, has stayed the rules saying that it should be left to the school authorities to make the decision. The federal law, called, Title IX, bans sexual discrimination in educational institutes but whether it applies to transgenders as well is a question asked by everyone. So the final call, whether or not the Title IX covers transgenders, has to be taken by the court. It also has to keep in mind the ongoing case of a teen, Gavin Grimm, who was denied access to boys’ room. The Trump administration has withdrawn its support to this boy.

The President’s actions counter beliefs and statements of the White House that Donald Trump was the first ever Republican presidential nominee to mention the transgender group in his nomination acceptance speech.