In India, we celebrate Nag Festival, the ceremony of Baby Throwing and follow other weird traditions but do we think that these are very weird customs that we follow and there can be other countries too which practice such kinda unusual and strange customs.
When Indian touch feet and take blessings, it may seem bizarre. Likewise, there are some strange customs and traditions that people from all over the world have adopted and practice. Let’s know about them.

Here Are 10 Weird Traditions Have Been Practiced From Across The World:

1. Chile: You can’t eat with your hands

It is considered rude and bad manners if you touch your meal with hands in Chile. Even pizzas, burgers etc. cannot be eaten with hands instead use cutlery to eat them.

2. Philippines: Gestures or Indications are considered rude

In the Philippines, gestures are for pet animals like dogs and cats. So it is rude gesture if you do towards a man.

3. South Korea: You can’t write with Red ink

We use different colour inks to write or to highlight our writings and red ink is the one but South Korea doesn’t allow you to write as it is for the deceased.

4. Vietnam: Don’t cross your fingers

Where the world consider it is to hope the best luck, Vietnam considers it offensive as they think it resembles the woman genital.

5. Venezuela: People don’t care for reaching on time 


Venezuela is known for the late lovers. They enjoy being late at reaching everywhere and even they don’t bother.

6. Egypt: No extra salt

Sprinkling salt over food is quite common everywhere but it is an offence in Egypt. If you add salt then it is considered insulting the cook in Egypt.

7. Japan: Paying tip is reviewed as disrespecting 

In Japan, if you leave any tip for the waiter
after meal then it is considered disrespecting. As Japanese think their services are covered under their salary.

8. Thailand: Don’t eat with fork

Despite serving Thai with Spoon and Fork, it is meant not to use a fork to eat the Thai food. You can use fork only to put food in the spoon.

9. Russia: Never present flowers in dozen

Giving flowers is a very romantic gesture, also presenting flowers to the host are considered noble gesture but in Russia never give flowers in a dozen as it is only for the funeral.

10. Rome: Custom of feeding dead with wine

Romans feed dead with honey, wine, and other food and for that, they use pipes fit in the grave of the dead.

So, did you know about these unique customs of different countries? 


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