The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks~ James Mackintosh

Well, there is no doubt in it- Coffee is an ultimate friend of us which can wake the mind up from all tiring. But, if you’re a true coffee lover then answer honestly- how many types of coffee can be served?

Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte – there are so many different varieties of coffee (world’s best drink) available in the cafe that becomes a language itself! So no more getting confused at your local café because today we guide you about 14 types of coffee which you can brew.

So! Before ordering your favorite cup of coffee, check out these 14 types of coffee here:

 1. Cappucino= Coffee mixed with milk

2. Latte= Espresso + froth + milk

3. Espressino= Espresso + Milk +  Cocoa Powder

4. Dry Cappuccino= Milk + Coffee

5. Frappe= Ice + Milk + Espresso

6. Irish Coffee= Brown sugar + Irish whiskey + coffee + cream

7. Mocha= Chocolate + Milk + Coffee + Cream

8. Black eye= coffee + espresso shot

9. Cortado= Espresso with a touch of milk

10. Double Latte= 2 shots of Espresso + Milk

11. Affogato= Ice cream + espresso

12. Con Panna= whipped cream + Espresso 

13. Americano= Espresso + water 

14. ESPRESSO= Pure coffee

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