Words have the power to make anybody soul happy and energizing. They have the other power which is healing and also taught the life lessons to people. Russian writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy have the same power who with his quotes reveal the secret to a happy life. One of the world’s greatest novelists have written simple yet very wise quotes which are definitely a must one and are listed below:
1. In our world, everybody thinks of changing humanity, but nobody thinks of changing himself.
2. Everything comes in time to him who knows how to wait.
3. All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
4. Great things are always simple and modest.
5. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.
6. We always think that they love us because we are good, but we never suspect that good are those who love us.
7. Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
8. When you love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you’d like them to be.
9. We lost because we told ourselves we lost.
10. The greatest truths are simple.


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