Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar in 2.0

When it comes to Indian movie world, then no other future film is hugely anticipated than 2.0, currently. Yes, that will be the obvious answer when being asked to any hard core fan. And what if the fans are of Superstar Rajinikanth’s?

Well, there won’t be anymore questions!!!

It’s just inevitable to think that 2.0 will be a massive movie, upon its release and that’s clear from its gigantic budget and heavy production cost.

But more than this, there are plenty of reasons for you to watch the sci-fi film, which is the sequel to 2010’s blockbuster, Robot, and is again directed by acclaimed director Shankar.

Here are the top 5 reasons for which you just can’t miss 2.0.

5 Akshay Kumar

Image Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Who won’t want to watch Akshay Kumar teaming up with the great Rajini Sir? And that too, as a supervillain, opposite the iconic Chitti! This alone is the USP of this movie.

4 Amy Jackson in action!

Image Source: cloudfront.zoomtv.com

Well, it will be quite interesting to see this new model-turned actress, opposite Rajinikanth in a sci-fi flick, who’s still not that famous among the fans. As it’s known to everyone that 2.0 will be a visual treat in terms of action, a lot will be expected from Amy Jackson too! She can turn the heads, this time.

3 Mesmerizing Visual Effects

We know that when it comes to giving the best cinematic experience in terms of visually astounding impact, 2.0 looks like the clear winner and this time around, it has to be many times fantabulous, than its predecessor.

2 Big-Budgeted extravaganza

An immense cost production which makes it the most expensive Indian film ever than any of the recent heavy-weights. Bahubali 2: The Conclusion is now far behind (Rs.250 cr), because 2.0 is estimated to have been made for about Rs.450 crore! Seems like Avatar of India!


1 Superstar Rajinikanth’s return as the beloved Chitti!

Image Source: i.ndtvimg.com

Just tell me, what and who can be the ultimate attraction of this magnum opus? Superstar Rajinikanth, of course, who else! The return of Chitti was curiously (and still) awaited by all the Indian fans of the actor. And it seems certain that the actor will deliver on that, yet another time. And this time, with an unforgettable impression!


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